Sleek Silhouette

July 22, 2014
by Katy

Sewing with friends, a party, a wedding, and getting back into sewing!

Hi! Long time no see :)

My exams are over!!! Or rather they were over a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been having so much fun celebrating that fact I have neglected the blog somewhat – oops! But the exams are over, and the best news is -I PASSED! Woop. I am officially a second year doctoral student, phew!

This wonderful piece of news obviously needed a party, and luckily one came along at exactly at the right time! The By Hand girls held a party to say thank you to everyone who helped them reach their kickstarter goal. I’m sure you’ve seen some beautiful photos all over the web from that night, but you’re just gonna have to see some more (less good) ones!


imageYet again, it’s just so nice to meet such a wonderful group of sewists. I can never get over how friendly everyone always is! There was every colour of candy ever….imageAnd possibly the best drink ever in existence!imageJust what I needed to relax after exams :)

Especially when it involved dancing the night away!
imageThis might be my favourite way to explain the effect of the vodka jelly shots to you…image


A week later I wore the same dress (my floral flora) to a wedding! The dress is getting a lot of action at the moment. Have to say it’s a beautifully designed dress – I love it so much!
imageThe frustrating thing about being the photographer is that there are never any good pics of you, so you’ll have to make do with this pic. That’s the hubby :)

Now, I didn’t exactly do much sewing over the exam period (my jacket is still hanging up half made – I only need to attach the sleeves, but I’m taking my time getting around to it). So I think I need to ease myself into it again slowly. What better way to do that but to help a friend a complete novice  to make something? Enter my friend Laura. She admired my tie dye kimono recently and said how much she’d love one. Big mistake when I’m around – Within a few minutes I had bought her some fabric and set a date for her to come over and make one herself.

I don’t think she actually thought I would make her do it all…. so naive :) Armed with some lovely viscose from Minerva crafts, a Kimono tutorial from Elle Apparel, and a bottle of wine (naturally) we got to work. I even made the poor girl sew french seams….

But it looks fabulous doesn’t it!

And she did it all herself. It is gorgeous, it makes me want to buy some more fabric and make myself one!

It worked, I’m now back on the sewing horse! I have a few pieces lined up to show you all, and I LOVE them. I need to get sewing and make some lovely summer clothes so I don’t melt in all this heat!!!!!!!!!!


June 5, 2014
by Katy

Who knew re-fashioning was this fun?


The answer seems to be: most people except me! Since I finished my first re-fashion I’ve been seeing possibilities everywhere – things hanging in my wardrobe for ages I’m now seeing in a different light. Take this dress:

Ok this is not the actual dress I had, I forgot to take a ‘before’ pic, but it was basically like this only shorter.

It’s ok isn’t it? Pretty basic but an ok summer dress, nothing special. I wore it quite a lot the summer a couple of years ago, but since then it’s been languishing in my wardrobe being passed over for more interesting clothes, or dresses where I’m not consious of needing to have a ‘thin’ day. Since it hasn’t been worn in over a year (or two?) I thought I was worth spending some time working out how I could make it more wearable, or at least more interesting to me. It turns out this it the easiest re-fash ever. I just decided I would love it as a skirt! I love stripes, but at the moment it feels too much to have them all over my body. So I did a really esay hack at the waist, to cut off the top:

Then took some elastic I had in my stash (I always seem to have loads of elastic in my stash!). This particular elastic was left over from my Minoru parka so was very wide (2 inches). I simply added the elastic to the top of the skirt. I did this a slightly different way to how I’ve done it with my gathered skirts (by making a chanel and feeding the elastic through). This time I thought the wide black elastic would fit in with the rest of the stripey skirt, and be a bit of a statement. So, I overlocked the elastic to the top of the skirt, elastic to the right side of the fabric so the overlocked edge would be on the inside once it was finished. 

Anoyingly, being a bit of a numpty I don’t have many photos of this process as I did not appear to engage my brain at the start…. I cut the elastic to fit my waist, and assumed this would fit the skirt – not so! RTW never fits my waist right, duh Katy! But silly old me carried on till I got half way round the skirt waist and ran out of elastic! A quick unpick, a few inches chopped off the sides of the skirt and the elastic fitted fine :)


 So a very simple re-fash and a very simple pencil skirt, but I bet it gets worn so much more now! I really like the monochrome graphic style, jeez I’m beginning to sound like a broken record! Haha. But seriously, the thick elastic fits in well with the stripes of the skirt Perhaps I can do something with the top too? Watch this space….

By the way, my wonderful sister has just started up a thought provoking and funny blog about daily challenges. Check it out!

June 2, 2014
by Katy

MMM’14 final round up and final thoughts

Here we go, last week of MMM!

Monday (Day 26)


Me mades: Grey hemlock tee (still unblogged, oops!)

Something comfy for a day revising (boo). This top did me well in MMM, so easy to just throw on!

Tuesday (Day 27)
I felt really poorly today so took the day off from work. I stayed in my pj’s most of the day but tried to stay in the MMM spirit and cosied up in yesterdays top. No pic as no-one wants to see my make-up free face!

Wednesday (Day 28)


Me mades: Mustard birdie Mathilde dress

This dress was comfy and a nice ease back into work. I still really love this dress :)

Thursday (Day 29)


Me mades: Gingham Archer

I have come to the conclusion that I must not have printed the pdf of the Archer pattern correctly! All of my three versions feel smaller than they look on other people… I think I must have left the page scaling on, doh! Let that be a lesson to you all! This one is very wearable but towards the end of the day I ended up unbuttoning it (I had a top on underneath, don’t panic!) And really liked it. I wish it was a bit bigger though, it would get worn SO much more.

Friday (Day 30)


Me mades: Easy jersey dress

Another easy work dress. Another make I wasn’t sure about to begin with but it’s become a work staple.

Saturday (Day 31)


Me mades: Shibori kimono

It was lovely and warm today so I threw on my new kimono. I’ve got to wear it, it’s new!! It was super lovely and comfy.

Wow, I’ve learnt a lot about my wardrobe and my style this month. It turns out I like basics; tees, shirts and skirts for day to day. I also like things pretty fitted.  I have a wardrobe full of pretty vintagy dresses with full skirts that I made last year, but I don’t really feel like wearing them every day. I much prefer a more casual look, hopefully with a bit of a modern take or style. Now I know what gaps to fill, I’ve realised I need more everyday clothes and fewer pretty dresses! Bring on a summer of sewing – mainly trousers!!!! Wow,  this would have been easier if I had some trousers to throw on….

How did you guys get on?

May 26, 2014
by Katy

Shibori Kimono


So I did it, I took the plunge and cut into my gorgeous shibori dyed fabric! It was tough working out what to do with it. I was worried that I had to make the most of this gorgeous fabric, and what exactly was the best thing to make? For some reason it took me ages to realise that I don’t have to make everything out of this fabric – I can just dye some more, duh!

I wanted to make a kimono jacket. So I did. And the fabric is perfect for it :)

I used the tutorial from elle apparel to make this and it worked perfectly. Although I made some changes. Firstly I made the front pannels on mine a little thinner, and the sleeves a little shorter. This wasn’t for asthetic reasons, but mainly so that I could fit the whole jacket on less farbic. (I want to make a little scout tee with the leftovers.) I also curved the jacket up towards the front opening more than is suggested by the tutorial. This was for asthetic reasons, although now I’ve done it I think I prefer it as suggested in the tutorial.

I was careful with the pieces of the print that I used. I didn’t want the jacket to look too tie-dye so I used the sections at either end of the fabric, where the dye took more leaving a more graphic look. I then put two long tie-dye sections down the front. I like that it’s obviously dyed, but doesn’t look too 70′s tie-die.

I didn’t make a pattern, but instead made sure everything was on grain by ripping the fabric. When I was ripping my husband came running in screaming ‘what are you doing?! Your fabric’ I had to reassure him, that  No, I didn’t hate my fabric, but it was being slippy and I wanted no suprises….

I sewed everything together with my overlocker, for speed, but in hindsight I wish I’d french seamed everything. This was made late at night after a day of revising – as a reward – and I didn’t really think things through. I felt like in some way I hadn’t given the fabric the respect it deserved, but then I remembered that it’s fabric and doesn’t have feelings, so I moved on. Haha. I did a narrow hem using Andrea’s overlocking technique, which  was lovely and fast!

Basically, I’m over the moon with it. It shows off the pattern wonderfully and is the perfect summer cover up. And it goes with so many things, my gathered dress, a pair of white jeans, a pair of blue jeans, a white summer dress, a black summer dress…. you get the idea!

Now I just have to dye more fabric and sew that crop top/skirt combo for a wedding I’m going too….

May 26, 2014
by Katy
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MMM ’14 Round up 4

Are we nearly done yet? Phew, photo’s each day is getting tiring. Oh well! On with my outfits this week:

Monday (Day 19)

Me mades: Stripey cascade skirt
Me made necklace

I was feeling a bit poorly today so I put on a skirt I love to make me feel better – it kinda worked! I knew I’d wear this outfit again during MMM, I love it :)

Tuesday (Day 20)

Me mades: White Archer
Denim circle skirt

I felt like a lady today, so much fabric in the skirt! It looked great with the shirt, so I felt very happy.

Wednesday (Day 21)

Me mades: scout tee

Another toilet selfie, oops! Sadly I think this tee was washed at too high a heat and so has shrunk a tad :( still wearable though!

Thursday (Day 22)

Me mades: Denim circle skirt

After wearing the skirt the other day I wanted to wear it again, it’s so comfy. Wore it with a RTW top.

Friday (Day 23)

Me mades: unblogged hemlock tee

End of the week, feeling tired, wanted to be comfy! This tee was perfect :)

Saturday (Day 24)
No photo today, ooops? I did wear a me made though – my salme gathered top. I was only revising today so didn’t need to wear anything special.

Sunday (Day 25)

Me mades: gathered dress and to-be-blogged make with my newly dyed silk! Felt a million dollars, love this outfit :)

Looking forward to the end of May now, but am still enjoying wearing me own clothes each day!

May 23, 2014
by Katy

Next recrekate! A striped moto jacket.

I’ve been planning this jacket for a while now. I’m so excited to sew it up! This is my inspiration jacket straight from my pinterest board:

Striped leather biker jacket

This lovely jacket is from Karen Millen and costs awhopping £499!!!!! Which, if you ask me, is CRAZY! I am a little obsessed with it though, and have been for a while. I am desperate to make something smilar.

At first I thought I would buy the striped fabric from Tessuti as part of their Jaywalk competition, but was gutted after twice trying to buy some and twice being told that the fabric was too heavy to be sent overseas….. So sad, especially as it’s an international competition. I’m a bit gutted about that, so probably best we move on!

Since that was no longer an option, I searched for other striped fabric, and found NONE I liked! Where is all the awesome fabric?? Finally, this week I found this fabric on fabric godmother. Which is perfect, I think the stripes may run the wrong way, but I’ll figure it out. It’s not too pricey either, so I’m happy all round.

stretch denim stripe fabric

I’ve decided I’m going to keep the leather sleeves as I think a whole jacket in stripe might be a bit much… I’ve found some nice looking leather skins from this website. It looks good, but I haven’t bought it yet – I wonder if anyone who has worked with leather before might know somewhere else? I’m a bit nervous about using such luxury material but I’m game! I want this jacket to be PERFECT, and be something I’m really proud of so I want to use good quality materials.

I’m going to use the pattern I used for my floral jacketBurda 11/2013 #117. I really like this pattern and the fit, but I’m going to be making some pretty big changes! Which I am not going to tell you about juuuust yet, you’ll have to wait and see. This will be a long sew though, as I have exams coming up so I’m rationing sewing. Although I say that, so far it just seems to mean that I’m just sewing smaller, quicker projects! This jacket will be my treat after a good days revision (and some wine :) )

I am EXCITED! What do you think of my plans?

May 20, 2014
by Katy

RecreKate Refash

Woo, my first refashion! I’m a little excited to show you this one!


I’m really liking the crop top/skirt combo at the moment. My pintrest feed is littered with different versions. I think it’s a nice way of showing a slither if skin without it being slutty. It also shows off the smallest part of my body, what’s not to like? Therefore when I saw this pretty outfit last week I pinned it straight away.


Probably one of the things that I liked about this outfit is that I knew I alreay had a jersey dress in similar fabric to the top, only it looked like this:
(Urgh, tidy your room Katy! This is going on the internet, at least pretend you’re capable of looking after yourself….)

Yeah, nasty right? Also, sorry for the selfie, MMM means I am so over taking pics of myself. Anyhoo, it was shapeless and then some. But I thought I could do something with it to turn it into something pretty. It had princess seams so I started by pinning out the excess from these (I.e. a lot) and the side seams and overlocked them. I was careful to use the stripes on the fabric as a guide for keeping it all on grain and straight.

Once that was done it look much better. I chopped at the waist and cut the sleeves shorter.

I then added bands to the waist and sleeves. I cut the band’s the opposite way to the rest of the top so the stripes of the fabric went in the opposite direction, a la the inspiration top. Luckily this top had some stretch in both directions so I was able to do this, but had it been normal jersey this would have been tricky.

I love the mint skirt that’s paired with the top in the inspiration pic, but didn’t have any mint fabric in my stash. I wanted this to be a stash-busting make so thought I’d use some lovely light denim I’d bought for a dress, but realised after I’d bought it that it was too heavy (the perils of online shopping). It was perfect for a circle skirt though! I’ve wanted a denim circle skirt for ages so this was the perfect opportunity.

I used a zip I have been trying to use forever… It is a heavy metal zip that is too heavy for every fabric I’ve tried to use it on before. I figured I wasn’t going to use it on thicker fabric than this! In truth it’s still too heavy for this denim, even after I handpicked and interfaced it. But I’m leaving it, it’s not bad enough and I like the chunky zip. I also like how it goes down the full lenth of the skirt.

I used the handy app by the by hand girls to sort out the measurements and added an inch waistband. Easy peesy. I have made one circle skirt before as part of a self-drafted dress. I haven’t really worn it much though so forgot how twirly circle skirts are. I feel very ladylike in it! There’s just so much fabric…. I think next time I might make a 1/2 circle skirt.

I’m pretty pleased with my little outfit! I wore the top to the sewing meet up last week and it was super comfy, although a bit hot! (It’s cheap synthetic rubbish). I wore it with a gathered skirt and think it looked just as good:

And I wore the skirt today to work with my white Archer, which I also think is a kick – ass outfit.

So both pieces have already been incorporated into my wardrobe, that’s gotta be a win right? I’m really pleased with myself! Haha. What do you think? And what do you reckon about this crop top fashion trend, Yay or nay?

May 18, 2014
by Katy

MMM ’14 round up 3

Wow, another week, more changeable weather… It was rainy, it was sunny, suddenly it was tropical! Make up your mind mother nature, you’re making this MMM malarkey more difficult than it needs to be! This week was definitely harder than last week, not quite summer dress weather, then suddenly so hot I only had little summer dresses that, as much as I love them, I wouldn’t wear to work. Let’s start at the beginning….

Me mades: leather accent lola
Minoru parka

It was chilly today so I wore my warm Lola. I haven’t worn it for a while, and have definitely fallen out of love with it. I still like idea and the shape but I think I prefer it without the leather pockets. I think I’d like to make another version in warm fleece fabric. But that”ll have to wait as I have more immediate plans!



Me mades:  hemlock tee, still unblogged.

No I did not make this jacket, I wish I did though, the number of compliments I get on it! New looks finnest, ta very much :) the top was comfy again. It rained, ’nuff said.



Me mades: floral jacket.

Necklace: accessorize (love love love)

Lot of love for this today. Probably cos it rocks! Haha. Getting warm, I actually took the jacket off outside, woah…



Me mades: gathered racer back dress

OMG I love this dress soooo much! I’ve been waiting for the weather to get warm enough to be able to wear it. I feel amazing in it and it’s so comfy. I love it and need to make more! First day with bare legs, summer’s a coming!



Me mades: vogue 1247 (unblogged)

Disabled loo pic today as was running late for my photographer pic. Wow, I was HOT today. I was mega comfy but wished I’d put on a skirt. I nearly put on a bunch of dresses, or my maxi skirt but decided I wanted to save them for the weekend. Why?!? With the amount of running around outside I did today I regretted wearing trousers. Nevermind, my silk top was quite cool. This is a great casual top!


Me mades: refashioned crop top (as yet unblogged)
Black gathered skirt

#Nylon2014 day! Also known as ‘running around like madman’ day. I had the sewing meet up at the V&A which was lovely. This might not be the space to wax lyrical about the sewing community (it kinda needs it’s own blog post), but I’m gonna do it anyway! I may only have been there an hour or so, but I had such a lovely time. Wow you guys are so lovely. It was nice to chat to new people and catch up with people I”ve met before. Although, I still get so shocked when I realise you guys actually read my blog and… Well like it! I was so sad to not have more time to spend with everyone, and miss out on cocktails!! Urgh, SO gutting! Perhaps more drinks can be arranged??

Luckily, I didn’t have enough time for my FOMO to get too bad as I had to run off to meet my family for my dad’s birthday, then after a lovely lunch I skipped across town to say happy birthday to a friend. I needed an outfit to deal with all three situations! Smart (for lunch with dad), party appropriate, and meet up apptopriate. The top is fresh off the press (literally, I nearly left the iron on!) and unblogged, but is my first refashion. Which I’m very excited about it! The skirt is one of my gathered skirts (not my finest work, and in hindsight v embarrassing to wear to a meet up!) I like this outfit though and am really loving this crop top/skirt combo.


Me mades: chevron maxi skirt

Urgh revision is beggining to get intense :( but I was able to eat some yummy food while doing it! I wanted something comfy whilst I worked hard. This maxi was perfect. Although I’ve managed to get beetroot juice over it, I’m praying it comes out!

I really hope this weather lasts, I’m really enjoying being in the sun! More summer dresses next week please :)

May 15, 2014
by Katy


Morning everyone! Today I’m really excited to introduce my new post series, FabriKate!

I’ve been learning to sew for a while now, and while I still have loads to learn I’ve found that I’ve started becoming interested in another aspect of making clothes – the fabric! I want to learnt about how to manipulate fabric, how to dye it, how you can alter it with beautiful stitching, and other techniques I’ll discover along the way! I’m really excited as I’ve never even dyed fabric before.

So I thought I’d start there – with dyeing fabric. Just look what I dyed the other day!

Isn’t it pretty??

I had a lot of fun creating this effect! I just want to state that I have no idea what I’m doing but am learning along the way! Haha. I may well have done this a weird way, and if I have please tell me! There is method to my madness though. I’m planning to try all types of techniques to see which I prefer for what I want to achieve.

So, some of you might recognise this type of pattern and realise that this is a Shibori dyeing technique. According to Wikipedia (my source for all information) Shibori is a Japanese term given to a collection of dyeing techniques that involve tying, folding binding, compressing etc fabric to create beautiful patterns. I’ve been inspired by a number of creations in the blogosphere recently.  I love Sallieoh’s gorgeous Tokyo jacket made using this technique. Isn’t it gorgeous?  I was also inspired by this picture of one of my favourite fashion bloggers.

Sally from Charity shop chic was also inspired by this dress last year and created a gorgeous copy. I mean how prefect is this? Sally gave pretty good instructions for how she created her effect and I basically used her instructions when binding my fabric. Thanks Sally!

So, I’d decided on the technique but what next? I needed to decide on fabric. For this I was inspired by Sallieoh – she says she likes to use silk when dyeing her fabric and that it can take heat, I thought I’d find out for myself! So I ordered quite a lot of silk! There is a fantastic website – Dharma trading company, that sells all manner of silks and dyes, but it is in the US. They do post overseas, but I wanted to buy from nearer to home.  I also wanted to buy silk specifically sold for dyeing – So that it as relatively untreated. I therefore bought from this website.  They seem to specialise in silk painting, which means that they sell a lot of scarfs and the silk they do sell is not very wide (90cm). But they have a wide range and I can attest to the quality. I ended up getting 3 metres of crepe de chine, and 2 meters of habotai (coming soon!) It’s nice stuff that has dyed well.

Now I needed to buy the dye. Again, if you’re in the states the Dharma trading co sells fantastic range, but I wanted to see if there was an equivalent in this country. I ended up finding What a great website! They sell a range of dyes and have a great blog with tutorials for different effects. It seemed to me that there were two choices of dyes – procion dyes and acid dyes. I am defintely not an expert of dyes but I did find out some interesting facts:

Procion Dyes:
These work best on cellulose fibers, ie plant based fabrics, like cotton and linen. They also work on protein based fabric like wools and silks but the colours may not be as vivid and they might not set as well.
You need a whole heap of chemicals to go with it including, Soda ash and urea….

Acid dyes:
These work best on protein based fabrics like wools and silks, and also work well on synthetics although the colours may not be as vivid. However, they need a lot of heat! You need to boil the fabric on the stove and keep it hot. This might not be good for some fabrics – like wool.  The colours are very vivid though and set strong.

I didn’t know which of these to go for… On’s blog they seem to recommend procion dyes for shibori techniques, and this is what Sallieoh used when making her Tokyo jacket. But she had also noted that the colour wasn’t as strong as she’d have liked, which I’d also heard from other bloggers. I knew I wanted a dark black so I was unconvinced by procion dyes for this particular project. I figured if silk can take heat, then it can take heat! I bought some acid dyes and got playing :)

First step was to bind the fabric correctly. The dye calls for wet, clean fabric, so I washed and rinsed the silk and then rung it out till it was wet but not dripping.
Seeing as silk can apparently be affected by dirt and oils I used some of this to avoid anything on my surfaces affecting the silk.

I then started to concertina it into strips.

Once that was done I concertinerd it in the other direction

and tied the ends together with elastic bands.

My elastic bands did not fit all the way around the whole pack so I tied the bands around each concertina separately.

It was then time to sort the dye. You will need a few bits for this part: A small tub to mix the dye in, and a large metal container that can go on the hob. I first spooned in the powder into the a small tub.

I wasn’t sure how much to use, and so was directed by the Dharma trading Co website. They suggest using 3 teaspoons of powder per 1lb of fabric, and doubling that if you’re aiming for a dark colour. I only had 0.5lb of fabric, but I wanted a dark colour so I used 3 teaspoons. In hindsight, I didn’t need as much. As I understand it, the idea behind acid dyes is that the dye should be completely taken up by the fabric, so after dying your water is pretty clear. Mine, however, was still jet black by the end!

Add warm water to the powder so that it mixes.

Then add that to the metal container. Add water to the mixture, not the other way round – apparently the mix should never be added to water – not sure why?? Anyhoo, add enough water so that the fabric has room to move.

Then add the fabric and heat up the water till it’s just below boiling, and keep it there. Stir it occasionally to make sure the dye is evenly spread. Continue to stir for around 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the depth of colour, and the darkness that you want. I kept it in there for an hour.

You need to add either vinegar or salt to help the fabric soak up the dye.

Then simply empty the water! Wash the fabric in water till it runs clear. I then washed my fabric in  some powedered washing powder, rinsed, and hung out to dry.

When it dried I was over the moon with the colour  -  it has a real depth to it.  It’s gorgeous! The feel of the silk is also still wonderful, it hasn’t suffered through being boiled at all. In fact, it didn’t shrink – at all! I still don’t know how that’s possible?

There is some spotting in the dye in some areas.

I have read that this might be due to oils or dirts on the silk. It’s suggested that you wash the silk in synthrapol but seeing as I didn’t have any I decided that a wash in normal washing powder would be fine. Perhaps next time I need to invest! But I’m not that upset about the outcome, I quite like the spotted effect – the fabric isn’t meant to be perfect and I think the effect only adds to the home-made look. Oddly, this only happened where less dye was reaching the silk. So perhaps it isn’t a problem if the fabric is exposed to more dye? Nevertheless, the resulting fabric has such a wonderful variety of pattern in the end. At each end of the fabric the dye has set more, leaving a more graphic pattern,

and in the middle it looks far more traditional tie-dye.

I love the result I’ve got, but I wonder how else I could do this. Perhaps I should try procion dyes next, to see what the difference will be and do a little comparison?

Now, the real question is: What do I make with this gorgeous fabric?? I’ve come up with a few options, I’m thinking either a bomber jacket, or a sparates crop top and skirt combo, or even a flowy jacket? I’ve no idea which path to take – what do you think? And what do you think of my technique and results? I know I’ve probably done this technique in a slightly different way to the norm, but I love what I’ve created. Ahhh! I can’t wait to do more! Have you tried dyeing?


May 11, 2014
by Katy

MMM ’14 week 2

Wow, May is going past FAST! I can’t believe it’s all ready time for my second round up! I’m still really enjoying it, and not having any trouble struggling with outfit choices. Fingers crossed it continues! Btw, sorry for all the grumpy faces, I don’t do mornings! Oops…

Also, thanks to everyone for helping me out with Instagram and twitter! I’m getting the hang of it now :)



Me-mades: Stripey cascade skirt

T-shirt: River Island
Bag: Bday pressie from my parents :)

A gloriously sunny day exploring the canals in London required an equally yummy and summery skirt. I haven’t worn this skirt since last summer, for obvious reasons, but it was a joy to put on today. I just love the flowy nature of the skirt, and the slightly graphic edge given with the stripes. Paired with this RTW black top I think it looks quite chic. I forsee this outfit being worn again before the end of May! Apparently it also got lots if looks as we wandered around, I’m hoping that because they liked it :)



Me-mades: White cotton Archer
Turquoise and white necklace
Minoru parka when I went out in the rain!

Blue skinnies: Zara
Pumps: New look

Despite my grumpy face (it was early and I am still not used to having my photo taken) I do really like this outfit. It’s my first ever Archer :) I don’t wear this all that often as it’s a bit too short, but I really fancied a soft white shirt today. Yeah, it’s a little short but I still think it looks nice. I’m really chuffed about my necklace too. I got into jewellery making before I got into sewing but haven’t made anything in ages. So it was nice to make a little something the other day. I love the colours paired with the white shirt. The shirt was comfy all day


Me-mades: Easy Jersey Dress
Minoru Parka, not photographed.

Necklace: Urban outfitters
Long cardigan: F+F

Love this dress, It’s so mega comfy. Jesery is the bomb! Haha. Not much more to say, love this outfit. It feels work appropriate but also fine for going out with friends.



Me mades: Blue scout tee
Me made necklace
Minoru parka

Jeans: River island
Boots: New look

I had other plans for today but the rain dashed them. So instead I wore my loved to death scout tee and my new me-made necklace. I really like the blue and turquoise colours together, I even painted my nails to match :)

I loved this outfit so much and got lots of comments at uni. Today I also got my hair done so here’s another selfie of my hair – I’m in love!


Me mades: knee length gathered skirt
Minoru Parka for travelling.

Necklace: Urban Outfitters

Another loved skirt. I haven’t worn it since last summer as I see it as a summer skirt, but it’s totally fine for spring, or whatever this weather is…., when paired with tights and a long sleeved top, and totally work appropriate. Very comfy too!


Me mades: Minoru parka

Today felt like a bit of a cheat cos I didn’t make this dress… I did make the jacket and necklace though so feel I can get away with it? I was on godparent babysitting duty watching the rugby and it rained a LOT so the coat was invaluable!


Today I wore my version of Vogue 1247, which is currently unblogged. More coming on this top, but it was mega comfy, got loadsa compliments, and I love it (despite looking grumpy)! Perfect for catching up my girls in the pub, whilst it rained :) I also took my parka as usual!

Another fab MMM ’14 week! I’m really enjoying it so far. We’ll see how next week goes!


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