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Re-creKate: Blue Polka Dot Dress


So, here we go – my first reveal for my new feature, Re-creKate. You may remember that my plan is to find at least one inspiration item each month and  attempt to recreate it. A couple of weeks ago I found a picture of this dress in a magazine and instantly wanted to have a go at producing my own version!

blue polka dot dress

I found this dress on the White Pepper website where you can get your own version for £70.


 As much as I like the idea of this dress I soon realised that wouldn’t suit me – it’s too baggy around the waist, which for me is not a good look! So I decided to use Mcall’s 6503 as a base to make a form of shirt dress, adding a collar (I can do this now, woop!).

Here’s my version, whaddya think? Boring inside shots today, as the weather is not playing ball.

You may remember that the last time I made this dress it was far too big for me, so this time I went down a size and made a straight size 10. It’s still a teeny bit big, but fits pretty well overall :)

I used a blue polka dot poplin from Croft mill (have you also seen this chiffon? I think I need it in my life, oops!). I’ve never worked with poplin before, but I really enjoyed it! It feels more durable than regular cotton, but is so soft to touch, and lovely to wear next to the skin (I didn’t line it).

This blue is probably the closest to the actual colour of the dress. I made this skirt far shorter than the pattern suggests, but rather than cutting it off I instead sewed a huge hem which I finished with dark blue seam binding (actually the same seam binding I’ve used to finish off a few dresses – I like that it  links them together). The large hem means that if  I want a more demure look later on I can easily increase the length. I’m pretty pleased with the hemming as you can’t see the stitches at all :) I’m almost certain my mum will think the skirt is too short (sorry mum), but the original dress was short so I’m just staying true to my inspiration!

I love the dark blue against the pale blue, so I also used similar dark blue bias binding on the armholes :)


(You’ll have to forgive all the slightly blurry photos, I’m still struggling without being able to use my camera.  We now have a computer! But photoshop is not properly installed, yadda yadda yadda. Soon I’ll be back to working order)

I also added a collar to the bodice. Until recently I had not made a collar, but after finally finishing my Archer, I felt confident that I could add one on. I drafted my own collar – a little bigger than the Archer one and sewed it on to the collar stand already in the pattern for the dress, following the instructions for the Archer. Simples! The effect is pretty subtle as the collar isn’t that noticeable, but I like the touch, and I’m secretly pretty proud of how all the dots line up perfectly.


I just know the poplin is going to be super comfy in the sun (if we ever get some for longer than a couple of days), and I can’t wait to wear it on holiday next week!

So the original dress costs £70.  This dress cost me £20 for fabric (inc p+p), £1 for a zip, seam binding and bias binding from my stash = a saving of £49, not the biggest saving in history but every little helps, and I think I like mine more :)


  1. BAM, Hotness. You are rad woman. love it

  2. I prefer your version, it’s really flattering, great job!

  3. Gorgeous – far nicer than either of the two original versions .. even if your mum will think it’s a tad short ;)
    Love the collar and dots – nice work ;)

  4. Thank you! Mum will just have to get used to it :)

  5. Love it – the fabric is so cute! I don’t think it’s too short, but it’s a great idea to keep the hem allowance on just in case.

  6. This is lovely and I agree, nicer than the original! I don’t think it’s too short – you have the legs for it! And a great job on the collar!

  7. Lovely! And that chiffon is really nice, I am a little in love with bird print at the moment. I’ve just finished a dress in the same print as your shirt dress which I’ll be blogging about later this week.

    • I love a bird print! I have so much of it to sew up at the moment, can I justify more? Looking forward to seeing your dress :)

  8. This has turned out wonderfully and I am really itching to try this pattern now, I have had it for a few months and just not gotten around to it… must… find… some… sewing… time!!!!

    • Yes, give it a go :) I think it’s one of those that looks rubbish in the pic on the front, but is fab if you look past it. I’m in panic sewing mode at the moment, as I know in a few weeks I’ll have no time at all!

  9. Turned out great! Very pretty color!

  10. I definitely prefer your version – it’s lovely on you! Beautiful fit and I love the fabric. I’m going to love this post series :)

  11. I love your version! The shaping is gorgeous, not too baggy, not too fitted. Perfect casual summer look. Well done! ps Great feature and cute name!

    • Casual summer is what I was going for, glad I got it right :)

      Glad you like the name and feature, i find coming up with names so tricky!

  12. Katy, your version is much nicer! It fits you like a glove. The back looks really great. It is a success!!
    I decided to start sewing last week after a bit of fabric shopping in Brighton and I made a summer tunic for my daughters (without a pattern) and it looks great!! I feel so happy with myself (even though it is probably the simplest shape ever!). I will make a start on another one for them this weekend! Can’t wait!
    Thanks for all the inspiration, Pati x

    • Thanks Pati, that’s so lovely of you :) I’m so pleased that you’ve started sewing again, I can’t believe you didn’t use a pattern – that’s amazing! Your daughters are so lucky :)

  13. I forgot so say that the shape of this dress reminds me of a couple of summer dresses I have from Oliver Bonas (from their Poem range). The difference is that mine have elastic on the back waist… I may venture and make myself one…. xx

  14. Way cute! I think your version is more flattering.

  15. I definitely prefer yours! The gathers under the bust and fitted waist are really flattering. Congrats on another great make :)

  16. Thank you, I’m glad it’s a bit more flattering that the original – that would not be a good look!

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