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Sleeveless Birdie Archer


You might have seen this one on my last post- I’ve already worn this one a few times, including on holiday!  And I love it!! It is probably my best made make to date. I’m so proud of the construction.

The photos are all from the recent holiday – a bit more exciting than usual! I wish England was this sunny!

I saw this fabric in my parents local fabric shop when I was particularly broke. I loved it immediately (you might be aware of my bird print obsession?) but couldn’t justify buying much of it, so I only bought a metre. I immediately knew I wanted to make another Archer, but this time sleeveless. I’ve also seen that Tilly has recently made a gorgeous dress made from the blue version of this fabric. It’s such lovely fabric :)
I followed Jen’s suggestions for making the sleeveless version of the Archer and reduced some of the width across the shoulders.  I also made another difference, I decided I wanted to make a high/low version! Before I started I made sure to add some length as I found that my previous Archer was much too short, I added 2 inches at the lengthen lines marked on the pattern. I then created the high/low hem by continuing the higher hem at the sides of view A forward to the front of the shirt.

I made a slight mistake when cutting out and got my high/low the wrong way round – meaning the back was shorter than the front! Luckily I realised before it was too late and managed to reshuffle the pattern pieces. Phew, but also MUPPET!

No more mistakes after that though :) This Archer came together far more easily than my last as I knew what I was doing a bit more. In fact it only took me an afternoon.

Check out the top stitching – I’m beginning to get the hang of it!

It might be a tad too short at the front but I don’t actually mind too much, I’ve worn it with high waisted trousers for work and it looked great.  In these photos I’ve worn it with a top underneath, but today I wore it on it’s own – I might have shown a bit of mid-rif at times but I think it looked good too.

The front might be a tad too short, but the back is just right – my 2inch increase in length works well I think.

I really enjoyed this make and I want to make yet another Archer, you can’t have too many shirts!

Here are some more holiday snaps of it, just cos Mike is a genius!
Then we found a wheat field…


And if you’re taking photos in a wheat field, surely its obligatory to recreate the wheat field scene from Gladiator?


  1. Great blouse! And lovely fabric:) I am tempted:)

  2. This version is so beautiful and looks great on you. I love the fabric too. You did a great job.

  3. Love it, gorgeous:) loving all the bird print.. might need to get my hands on some.. hrrrmm

  4. Beautiful! I *so* need to get this pattern! And that fabric! I saw Tilly’s blue dress – which is really like my blue dress (although different fabric – mine is heavier weight), so too similar to buy – but I could totally justify red!!!! That’s really different, right?

    I have an absolute bird obsession, although haven’t made much with birds on, I have loads of RTW bird print things. I do, however, have some gorgeous Marc Jacobs (allegedly – it was an ebay purchase) silk type fabric with birds, that I am too scared to ever cut into! I need to post that some time.

    Anyway, great blouse, that I am seriously coveting.

    • Red is totally different! I think you must get some ;)

      I’d love to see the Marc Jacobs bird print, how lovely! Glad you like the blouse, I bet you’d make a gorgeous one!

  5. I’m now tempted to add this pattern to my long list of things to sew. Love the red! Cute buttons as well.

    • It’s a good pattern to give a go. I’m glad you like the buttons, they’re one of my favourite parts of the shirt :)

  6. This is incredible Katy, love everything about it!

  7. I really love this fabric. Great choice for the archer! Your holiday photos are lovely again :)

  8. Very pretty. I have a navy bird print fabric that is almost identical! What type of fabric is it?

  9. This is gorgeous, and I do like the fabric!

  10. I love that fabric! The shirt is great – looks super comfy and stylish :)

  11. wheat fields and an archer, such a nice combination! with the added bonus of flying birds – yours looks so nice! I think i want to make another archer as well, thanks for the inspiration!

  12. Aaaaarg yet another amazing Archer which has me wishing for the end of my sewing rut! Fabulous make, and fabulous looking holiday :) x

  13. Katy I love your blue dress especially when you wore it the other day at dinner, I just had to gush about how good it looked in person even more perfect than on the website!!

    Love you lots :)


    • Ah thank you Vicky, it’s so lovely of you to hunt out the blog :) So glad you loved the dress, I’ll wear another home-made next time I see you too.


  14. Love the fabric! Great job at altering the pattern – this looks great!

  15. Very well done Katy! I am not keen on sleeveless shirts but this one really suits you. It is a great choice of fabric and colour for your hair and skin tone.
    Pati x

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