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My alternative tie die Hawthorn


I’m just putting it out there: I like a bit of tie die! No, not your standard 80′s rainbow, ‘far out dude’ tie die (I’m not crazy), but a restrained, limited palette tie die. It think it can look a bit arty, alternative, perhaps more interesting than beautiful – but then I think interesting is more…..well, interesting!

That’s exactly what I thought when I saw this fabric on the latest London sewing meet up -I loved it pretty much straight away. I was a little worried that I was on my own in thinking this, I mean it is bright pink tie die/bleach pattern, but when I was told it was reduced I couldn’t say no… When I brought it back to show my husband he was ‘concerned’ by my choice, but I was certain I could make something awesome out of it!DSCF1258

And that I did (well I think so ;) )… A Hawthorn! At first I didn’t know what to make but then it dawned on me that I never got around to making a Hawthorn in time for the Colette competition (grrrr….illness) and I liked the juxtaposition of my ‘interesting’ fabric against the ‘cute’ hawthorne pattern. I’ve spoken before of my love for a shirt dress (I think this is my third or forth?) and the hawthorn ticks soo many boxes – a nipped in waist, cutest little collar, and buttons all the way down the front. I believed that this was a beautiful thing just waiting to happen! Again, I was on my own…..


But I continued regardless of my hubby’s amusement,  and… well I just love the result :) It’s just edgy enough to not be cutesy (therefore making it far more like my usual RTW style than some of my other makes) but also makes me feel super feminine. I’m pleased I recognised the potential even if my hubby didn’t… in fact he actually agrees with me now.  He’s even suggested that I have a knack for pairing fabrics and patterns in an interesting but flattering way. Woah there! Let’s not get carried away ;)


I guess I should talk about the pattern a bit for those that haven’t tried it yet (er… why not??) It came together really easily! I added my standard extra inch to the bodice which was luckily all I needed. The darts even finish in the right place for me on this one, so not much needed changing. I may have been a bit silly though as I cut out a size 2, which fits…just. It’s fine round my waist (if anything, a bit big!) but it’s a little snug around the bust, but I think it depends on how padded my bra is! In this one it’s fine :)


Sorry for my crazy face – it’s the only photo I have of the front without my hair hiding the collar…

I only had 2 metres of fabric to work with and the print on the fabric is directional, so I was a little worried I wouldn’t get it to fit, but it worked :) In order to get it to fit I reduced the length of the skirt a bit – which I wanted to do anyway as I felt it needed to be a bit more fun and flirty with this print. I also got rid of the seam in the back of the skirt, to be honest I didn’t really understand why it was there as there is no seam in the back of the bodice? This meant that luckily it all fitted in the 2 meters, (woop)  and I love the chevrons it creates on the side seams!


Yeah, I’m not sure what I’m doing in this photo? Trying to emulate a beauty queen? or Barbie? At least that’s what it looks like to me! But check out those chevrons! It even looks well matched up (total fluke!). Oh and I know I keep changing my footwear in the photos, but that’s because I love these boots and now the weather is getting colder I get to wear them again! Happy dance :)



  1. I agree…I like the pairing of this edgier fabric with a vintage/classic looking pattern. Your dress looks awesome…and you should jot down your husbands compliments…super sweet!

  2. What a suuuper idea whit the dying! I wanna try that!
    The dress turned out great! :)
    Allso, shortening the dress is a good ide, along whit skipping the back seem on the skirt! Why didnt I think of that….

  3. Reaallly great fabric and agree that it has made a rather ‘cute’ pattern more edgy and RTW!
    The dress is fab with the tights and boots too – perfect for this time of year!

  4. Oh I absolutely love this, I think it is my favourite Hawthorn so far! Love the fabric, it looks great with those boots :-)

  5. I love your version. The shorter length definitely gives the dress a little more edge. Your fabric choice is wonderful as well. I love the way this pattern lends itself to so many types of print. Something to bear in mind when I eventually get round to this one!

  6. Yep, this is my favorite Hawthorn I’ve seen! The other finished ones just haven’t been my style, though I do appreciate the retro-cuteness in general. Yours has just the right amount of everything. It’s awesome with the tights and boots, I’m excited about boot season coming up too! I tried to wear a pair last week, but it was still a bit early and my feet got all sweaty. :( haha

  7. Totally awesome, and very you! I love this fabric and it works brilliantly with the pattern.

  8. Way cute and I love your styling!

  9. I love this on you Katy, the fabric is a total winner with this pattern!

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  11. Wow, this is the coolest sewn garment I’ve seen in a long time. I don’t even normally like pink or tie-dye, but I agree, there’s something very polished and RTW about it. Best of all, it fits you so well, and looks great on you!

  12. Love it, adorable as usual :)

  13. Love your pairing of edgy fabric with that pattern – super cool!

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