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So apparently, in my time off, black has become my colour du jour. Or more specifically black gingham. Remember (you may not, it’s been awhile), how I was meant to Re-creKate a gingham midi skirt? Well, in order to do so I had to buy some black and white, 1 inch gingham, only I bought a LOT! I got a little bit obsessed and kinda made a collection of gingham based clothes….

First things first, here’s the gingham skirt:
imageI’ll be honest here, I freaking love this skirt. It was my outfit of choice for Christmas dinner (not well thought through as it turned out – a snug waisted skirt and Christmas dinner is NOT a comfortable combination…).
imageThe best thing was that this skirt took me no time at all! I just followed my Dirndl skirt tutorial and within a couple of hours – Hey Presto!

Although, I did spend slightly longer than normal and gave it a handpicked zip, and a hand sewn waitband. Mmmmm, Couture Dahhling!

This was quickly followed by another product in my gingham clothing range – The gingham Archer!
imageAdmittedly, this is not my best sewing (It’s still completely wearable, and I was particularly stressed at the time, so I’ll forgive myself), but I might suggest that it’s some of my better pattern placement. Just look at that lovely line down the back! I’m happy with it.

And my pocket matches up perfectly (I’m not a huge fan of bias cut pockets).
imageI’ve said it before, I love the Archer pattern – this is my third. I finally got the length right for my long body – not that you can see in this picture.

Those of you who are particularly observant might even recognise the skirt I’m wearing. I made another gathered pencil skirt but this time in a more winter friendly black.

I LOVE this pattern, and it is sooo simple to make! I’m thinking of making a gathered dress using this same method.
This time I used elastic on the sides to gather the material, instead of longwinded gathering, and it was INFINITELY faster. I can explain this method in another post when I make another one (I definitely will be). Flattering and forgiving, one of the patterns I’m most proud off!

Now, I know what you’re thinking, ‘er….that’s not gingham’. Have no fear, there’s more!

The gorgeous Victoria blazer by the By Hand London girls! I’ve had this pattern a while but only recently got round to finally making it. Many other wonderful bloggers have reviewed it, so all I’ll say is: Make one! It’s deceptively easy! Having never made a jacket before I was a little concerned but it was surprisingly straight forward. This was my Christmas project and so I’m pleased it goes with my Christmas skirt, but guess what?

It also goes with my black skirt and Archer combo for a very awesome work outfit. This version made with a gorgeous thick, brushed cotton sateen which is gloriously soft to touch. I made the cropped version so I can wear it in the spring to wonderfully glamorous affairs.

But I’m still hearing you, ‘Katy, that’s still not gingham!’



Wait for it…..


You’ll be pleased to hear, I’ve now run out of gingham. Perhaps I should have taken a pic of all three gingham pieces…. Or maybe that would be too much?



  1. They look great, but I’m kind of sad you didn’t do a gingham suit shot! Haha!

  2. FAB! You have made the cutest little gingham wardrobe – I’m inspired!
    Love each and every piece, on their own and paired together.

    Have to agree with Sarah though…I was hoping to see a full gingham-on gingham-on almost gingham outfit shot! Do it! lol

  3. Love them all! I never sew gingham, which is crazy, because it’s both classic and cute. Your gingham mini-wardrobe is so inspiring! There may be a checked gathered skirt in my future, even…

    Count me in for wanting a full-on gingham outfit shot. Hilarious!

  4. Welcome back! The Victoria lining reveal pic had me laughing! Really love the Archer. OK. All of the makes are great but I just bought a similar gingham print for Archer and was debating the pockets. I often like the bias cut pockets but am with you in this case.

  5. Love it! You definitely need a pic of all the gingham together ;) Black and white are my favourites right now.

  6. I love your Blazer, I have a soft spot for the cropped version and must dig out the pattern again. The Archer is lovely and the pocket looks fantastic. You have a nice set of makes here.

  7. All 3 are gorgeous! I have some similar gingham, about 3 metres I think, which I am hoarding for post pregnancy. I plan to make an Archer with it too! Not sue I’ll do such a good job of pattern matching, though!

    Does new photo background = new house?!

  8. Helen, I am soo out of the loop! I did not know you were expecting, congratulations! A gingham Archer will look gorgeous on you!

    Alas, sadly this is not a new house but my lovely sister’s flat, it has such wonderful, huge windows – I had to take advantage!

    • Thanks Katy! Yeah, I’m due May. Trying my best to do some Mat sewing, but my energy levels are conspiring against me!

      Quick question – does your jersey skirt work with tights? Or does it “ride up”? I had a RTW one once and it was a nightmare so it puts me off making one.

  9. I love all four pieces and that final photo is just brilliant!

    I’ve always been a bit anti-gingham, but seeing those items, with the big 1″ check, I’m starting to reconsider.

  10. Gingham is always a favourite of mine and yours is so sophisticated in black and white! Love all the outfits, especially the skirt. I used to wear skirts like that when I was young :)

  11. I am a beginner sewer and plan to make a skirt. Which do you think is easiest a pencil skirt or circle skirt?

    • Ooh, good question. I think perhaps the easiest skirt to make is a dirndl skirt as you only need one measurement – your waist! My (first) version is here. If you’re planning on using a woven fabric (doesn’t stretch) than a circle skirt is far easier as there are no fiddly darts to mess around with – you again just need your waist measurement and base a circle on this. I know the By Hand girls have a fabulous tutorial on this. If you’re using a knit or stretch fabric like jersey, pencil skirts can be very quick – and once you’ve got the pattern you can put one together in no time at all! I’ve got a couple of tutorials for jersey pencil skirts, basic here and gathered here. Although I would add a elastic waistband in to my original tutorial to make the skirt more sturdy :) I hope that helps!

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  13. OMG you are back!!! I didn’t realise you had returned to blogland!!! I’ve just been catching up on all your makes and I’m impressed!!! Love your Archer Gingham shirt, it’s fab and your Mathilde yellow dress and your latest gathered black dress that makes you look very sexy indeed!!
    I’ve been busy with Uni etc but hopefully I will do my last exams in the spring and then, I’ll be able to get rid of the dust of my sewing machine and start making things for my kids and (hopefully me too!).
    It’s lovely to read your adventures again.
    Good luck with your doctorate!!
    Pati xx

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