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Fancy-pants Scout Tee


A few months ago I was given a very generous gift when I left my last job. They knew I loved sewing so instead of the traditional flowers they bought me a voucher for fabric godmother. Best gift ever or what? (Thanks Alexa for giving them a hint!)

Crazily I only recently got round to buying anything with my voucher. Wooow it was fun spending someone else’s money on beautiful fabric! The most expensive fabric I bought was this beautiful blue, cotton jaquard. I just fell in love with the stunning watermark pattern. As soon as I saw it I had to have it, but at £18 (!!!!) pound a metre I just couldn’t justify more than a metre.

Something stylish, that will show off the fabric with only a metre? After seeing so many lovely Scout Tees by Grainline I decided this would be the perfect pattern – simple but effective.

The fabric was so easy to sew with (I’d just finished my chiffon Mathilde) and the whole thing only took me a couple of hours, I LOVE quick sewing! Although, I went a bit fancy again and sewed French seams. The material is a little thick but as it’s a loose top I didnt think it mattered too much, and it looks so much prettier! I also bias bound the sleeve seams, so the insides are as pretty as the outsides.

I then finished with some satin bias binding on the neckline and sleeves, a la my last sonja dress. I think its just enough sparkle without being too much. I didn’t want to detract from the gorgeous pattern on the fabric, but wanted to make it special. Annoyingly, I think I’ve slightly stretched the neckline while putting in the bias binding, but there was no time to fix this before lunch (and photo taking), I’m hoping a little steaming will to the trick.

I wore this top to lunch at my parent’s house, hence the creasing and pretty french windows :) Looking back at the photos I’ve noticed that the neck line gapes a little, but I think that’s due to my large bust and small back not due to the pattern. Overall, I couldn’t be happier with the way its turned out. It’s a top I would definitely buy in a shop, and totally my style. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. I love hassle free sewing!


  1. Lovely colour! This truly is one of my favourite patterns, and your version is great! I have never sewn one in a couple of hours though. I am so slow!

  2. Beautiful! Perfect pairing with the fabric and a scout tee. I love that royal/cobalt blue! x

  3. Great looking top. Love the cobalt blue color!

  4. It’s so pretty, the fabric looks gorgeous!

  5. Gorgeous! You’re exactly right it’s the kind of top you’d immediately pick up in a store and it’s so nice to have made it yourself instead with that great fabric!

    I think I need me one of these – and I think I already have the perfect fabric!

  6. Pretty, pretty, pretty <3
    I love the simple-ness of it:) You make it look so special :D
    I cant wait until the weather and temperatur is warm enough for me to wear tops again. I love patterns that will allow only a meter of fabric!
    And the colour is perfect for you! One of my favourits;)

  7. Hello – I’ve just found your blog. I can’t believe you’ve been sewing for a year! You’re clearly very talented – and very inspiring! I shall be following along enthusiastically. :)

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