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I know I’m a bit late to the party, but I am really digging these olive green parkas that I am seeing everywhere! I know all the cool kids have been wearing them for ages, but I’ve only just decided I want one. And not just want one, I want to MAKE one :)

I’ve decided the pattern will be the Sewaholic Minoru Jacket. I’ll be honest, I haven’t really loved this pattern before but after seeing so many Parkas I suddenly had a brainwave, this can totally be made into a Parka! It’s just a matter of accessories and fabric choices!

I’ve gone for this fabric for the main coat from Cloth mill. They have a fabulous selection of outerwear fabric atm, if you’re thinking of making a jacket they are definitely worth checking out! I searched for ages for a check, fuzzy lining, but came up empty. In the end I thought this black and white zig zag pattern would be really fun, if a little sore on the eyes! I got it in brushed cotton so it’ll hopefully be snuggly and warm when I wear the jacket :)

And what parka would be complete without some faux Fur? I got mine from Minerva craft.

So, now I only have to wait for the fabric to arrive :) and contemplate the fact that I’m making a jacket. A full on winter jacket….. just a little more than I’ve attempted before!


  1. Man, You`re on fire! So buzy ;D
    I must admit that I have wanted to make the Minouri Jacket quite some time now.
    But, oh well…

    Speaking of jackets, did you check out Colette Patterns Albion coat? I really like that one, but the thought of making one freaks me out!

    • Haha, yup I’ve got my sewjo back! You should definitely give the Minoru a go! I have seen the Albino but I’m not 100% sure it’s for me. I’d love to see your version tho!

  2. Sounds great! Best of luck with the sewing and I can’t wait to see the finished coat!

  3. Good for you! I have a RTW parka that I bought a few years ago, and I absolutely wear it to death! It’s a really good item to have in your wardrobe!

    Have you seen this version of the Minoru? It might be kind of what you have in mind! It doesn’t have the hood, but the body is very similar to a parka.

    Can’t wait to see how you get on! I was working on a winter coat that I bought the fabric for LAST winter (i.e. 2012), but I only got as far as sewing the back to the sides. Then I needed to prioritise Maternity wardrbobe sewing. I probably won’t fit into it now anyway, so looks like this will be a 3 year long make instead… (cos obviously you can’t sew a coat in summer!).

    • Wow, yeah that coat is amazing! Definitely the sort of thing I was thinking. Not sure I’m able to change the pattern so much tho! Haha, I look forward to seeing your coat next year, you’re right – you can’t make a coat in summer!

  4. I have made the Minoru jacket twice; the first time, I made the hooded jacket using a waterproof fabric and didn’t change the pattern at all, apart from extending the sleeves by 1.5″ and adding in-seam pockets – I found the jacket was 2″ too short in the back (I’m 5’11″, but longer in the legs than the body) based on the elasticated waistband placement; the second time I made a parka style jacket, 4″ longer than the original pattern, with a dipped hem at the back, a *huge* fur-trimmed external removable hood, quilted lining, in-seam and external pockets and a button placket over the zip as I found my first jacket leaked rain through the zip. I also shortened the collar to accommodate the hood. It is worth spending a lot of time adjusting the pattern before you start as it takes a lot of fabric and doesn’t take that long to make once you start. I would also recommend using a slippery fabric inside the sleeves, so you don’t have your t-shirt/jumper sleeves up around your armpits when you put your jacket on! I love both versions of the jacket and have worn them both to death.

    • Ooh thanks for all the advice. Im a similar height so its good to know my thought to add a couple of inches was a good call! I’d love to see yours!

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