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1 Year Blogiversary, What the?


So, I’ve been sewing (and blogging about it) for a whole year now! Whodathunk?? Time flies when you’re having fun! And it seems much fun has been had. Since January last year I have made a total of 34 items of clothing!! Considering that most of that was actually squeezed into 9 months I think that’s pretty good going! Seeing as I haven’t done a new year post I thought I’d take this opportunity to bore you with the things I’m going to take away from this year (I know you’re secretly hopping with excitement!)

Things I have learnt:

1. I am NOT as big as I think I am.  I think this is a pretty common and standard thing for women to worry about. The media drills  into us that no matter how we look we’re probably not as thin as we could be. I don’t know about you but this leads me to costantly compare myself with nearly every other woman I meet (I actually think I check women out more than I check men out…). I’m not suprised that I have totally fallen into/still fall into this trap! However, through making my own clothes I’m realising that it’s not about being any particular shape, but about wearing clothes that fit your shape. When you wear something that fits you perfectly, it feels amazing! And therefore, you FEEL amazing. It’s only taken me putting my pics on the internet on a regular basis to realise that perhaps my figure is ok, and I can work with it. Yay! Of course it’s after Xmas now, prime ‘I hate my body time’…. I think that means I’m meant to diet…. It doesn’t appear to be happenning….

2. Drafting patterns is rewarding. Haha, understatement of the YEAR! (or is that last year?). I find that making my own clothes is amazing, but making clothing you’ve designed yourself? Well… I’m stuggling to find the words to express how happy and proud it makes me feel. Especially when someone comments on your lovely dress/top/jacket. It almost makes me skip off into the clouds and never come down. If you haven’t yet ventured into the world of pattern drafting (I have barely touched the surface) I can’t recommend you give it a go enough – join the ups and downs with me!

3. Sewists may just be the nicest people around. I learnt this when I went for my first bloggers meet up. I just couldn’t believe that I’d met such a friendly and wonderful group of people. People that are willing to help when I have problems that I can’t understand, and who will cheer me up when I make a big boo-boo. Thanks guys, you make this hobby even more incredible!

4. Sewing is a great stress-reliever. I’ve discovered recently that the best thing to do when I’m stressed out about something is just let me be on my own and in reach of a sewing machine! Something about following methodical and systematic steps means there no space to think about anything chaotic. It’s like it orders my brain. Although this is only true if you’re working with something easy like cotton or jersey, anything complicated my end up in a ripped heap on the floor if I persevere! (true story, this is how one of my bridemaids dresses ended up….). The thing that sadenned me in the last few months was having no place to sew and no time even when I wanted to. I still don’t really have a space to sew, and barely any room to cut out fabric. But where there’s a will there’s a way, and it’s worth making time for sewing if it makes me this happy :)

5. I think sewing is here to stay….Oops! I found a hobby, that might just take over my life! Sorrynotsorry.

Plans for my second year of sewing:

1.To push myself a bit further. I’m pretty confident making a skirt, shirt, dress and t-shirt. But I’ve only made one pair of trousers and one jacket. I want to push this more. I WILL make a pair of trousers before the year is out. And I already have two jackets planned! A whole me-made outfit is on the cards people, watch this space!

2.To make more clothes that I’ll wear on a regular basis. That might sound odd – surely I wouldn’t make clothes I don’t like? Well I do like all the clothes I’ve made but at times I’ve got caught up in a pretty pattern or fabric and made something that just isn’t really my style. From now on I’m only making things I would buy in a shop. My Recre-Kate series will help with this by helping me identify styles I really love. That means that although I want to push myself I don’t stop myself from making a simple t-shirt if I want to!

3.To get better at making my blog prettier and working out how to add text etc to my photos. I’m getting the hang of taking and editing photos, thanks to my new AWESOME camera but I need to now focus on making the rest of my blog awesome.

4.Try to still find time to sew while completing a time consuming and draining doctorate. It’s going ok so far right? Just bear with me when I have deadlines, and I’ll make hay while the sun shines!

Well that’s all been a bit text heavy hasn’t it? How about some nice pictures to break it all up? And a chance to laugh and my epic fails!

Best 5 makes:


My interview dress! Well it worked didn’t it? That’s reason alone to love it! But it also took a lot of altering and tweeking to get it fit *just right*. I’m super proud of the result, which you might have noticed in my face. Only worn once, but still an epic win!

My first Recre-Kate dress. Worn to death over the summer, utterly love it. Can’t wait to wear it again!

My bombshell dress! By far the thing I’m most proud of making, and my first ever attempt! Sadly this dress didn’t survive, I wore it to my friends wedding and was uncomfortably aware all night of how ‘on show’ I was, and therefore kept pulling the straps up to somehow cover me up(?). This ended up with one of the straps breaking, bad news on a dancefloor when you’re not wearing a bra. I’m not going to fix it cos I’m not going to wear it again. But I could never throw this dress away. It was my first proper foray into dressmaking, and an act of love!


Again, not a dress that has been worn lots, BUT it is my first attempt at designing and drafting my own pattern. I was so proud of this dress, and am so glad I finished it off perfectly. I think it will certainly get worn again in the summer, but the cotton lining makes wearing it with tights tricky.


Last but not least my Gathered skirts! The BEST pattern I have made! Comfy and easy I have made three version of this and a new version I’m going to show you very soon! LOVE LOVE LOVE. WORN TO DEATH!!!!

I’m finding it hard to stop there I also love my new Mathilde dress (already it’s been worn more than the last!)! You don’t mind 6 do you? :)


Worst 5 makes:

Haha, oh dear…. where to start!


Nuff said, never worn….hate it!


The Salme Gathered top. I like this top, but it’s too big. I did wear it over summer, and I think I’m likely to wear it this summer, but it’s too big across the back and too low cut, which makes it tricky to wear. It’s actually better to have it tucked into something – then it does look quite chic….


My Mad men dress. I loved it when I made it, I still love the fabric… and yet I never reach for it. I don’t know why? I think it’s the dark blue bias binding on the sleeves that really gets me. I want to like it,  but I just…don’t.


My low back breton top. I love the idea behind this top, but I can’t deal with the bad sewing…. I’m embarrassed when I wear it, so I don’t! I really should make another version cos I love the idea of it.


My first Archer. I don’t really want to put this on the list, but I don’t really wear it so here it must be. I was so proud of finishing this shirt – it was my first! But my damn long body (I was told the other day by a physio I have one of the longest bodies he’s ever seen) means it is WAY to short for me. I can only wear it when it’s tucked in, but admittedly it does then look awesome!

So there you go! My reflections on the last year. I hope you made it through and haven’t nodded off :) I hope you’ve enjoyed your last year of sewing. I can’t wait to see what we all produce this year!

Oh and sorry that there’s no giveaway – I didn’t even realise my blogiversary had arrived until Helen’s post! Next year I promise to be far more organised. Promise :)


  1. GREAT BLOG. Love it and i’m feeling inspired but realistic :)

    the world is not all perfect and neither are our creations!

    Barnicles x

  2. I have the same problem with making items I don’t actually wear. I love them but they just aren’t my style exactly.

  3. You are so inspiring! And that first self-drafted dress of yours is absolutely gorgeous. I love it!

  4. Happy Blogiversary! I can’t believe you have only been doing this for a year. I do love your mad men dress but I guess if you don’t wear it… I have loads of makes like that, I can’t quite put my finger on why I don’t wear them but they just sit there in the wardrobe. Your Mathilde dress is awesome though, i want one!

  5. Happy blogiversay to you! so glad to hear that sewing is here to stay :)!

  6. Love your creations absolutely Fab. Sassy Sewing Bees

  7. Great round up post! I do love reading these! I LOVE your mad men dress, so it’s a pity you don’t wear it. But I know there are always things you like in theory but never feel great wearing. I do it too.

    Please don’t even think about dieting! You have no need! :)

    So glad I found your blog last year. I look forward to seeing what you manage to conquer this year! X

  8. Mate skirts are my fav, I still gotta make one;)
    And the archer would be awesome with high waisted skirts!
    And I oboe the mad men dress, you should wear it, it doesn’t look bad at all!

  9. Happy Blogiversary! I love your Top 5 Best Makes, they are gorgeous! And, I have to agree with you statements about sewing. It really is a fantastic stress reliever and sewists really are the NICEST folks going. ;)

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