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Recre-Kate Reveal: The Minoru Parka!



The British government should hire me next time they struggle with mother nature as I clearly have the power to stop torrential rain! I swear, the moment I switched off my machine and cut the last threads, I ceased to need a coat! Haha. Not that I’m complaining! It soo nice to see some sunshine round these previously dreary parts.

For those that aren’t aware, Britain has been suffering with the worst flooding in years. I felt like I couldn’t remember a day when it wasn’t raining cats and dogs, and I was trying to navigate the storms with no hood or umbrella! Yeah, THAT was fun (and a bit foolish). Therefore I was so excited about the HOOD of this jacket!! And it had to have a fur trim, cos that’s just the coolest thing ever, Right? I was concerned I wouldn’t know how to add the fur on but by adding a lining to the hood I was able to attach the fur trim to both the lining and the hood. It is sooo snuggly, I can almost get lost in it!


The pattern is Sewaholic’s Minoru Jacket. The pattern was fantastic, and the sew -along was fantastic to check out any bits I wasn’t sure about. The only alteration i made, was to add an inch above the waist so it hit at the right point. You guys, I LOVE this jacket! I’m so proud of it and I’ve learnt so much! Including that coat making is not necessarily a hard process, but that it is quite a long process (especially if you unpick it quite as much as I did). Probably as a result there are a lot of photos in this post! I’m not even that sorry! Enjoy!

Lets start with the fabric: I was originally intending to use a more dark green fabric, more an oliv colour. However, after ordering it I got a phonecall telling me that they’d run out! I was pretty gutted to be honest, I ordered this similar fabric which was called ‘Platoon‘ and the description was ‘There must be an army somewhere that dresses in this colour, but who would wish for a cloth as tough and yet as soft as this is for a uniform.’, so I figured it was going to be a good parka colour! I have to admit though that when it came I was really disappointed by it. The fabric quality is wonderful, it’s thick and hardy and yet so soft! But it’s a bit browner than I was expecting. In some lights it looks completely brown :( But I’d bought it so I carried on. Now it’s made I actually really like the colour, yes it’s not the most green, but it has got that army look to it. And did i mention how soft it is??? Mmmmmmm……

Adding to the softness is this gorgeous brushed cotton for the lining…. It’s so warm and fuzzy, oh yeah and I love how that chevron pattern makes your eyes hurt! A bit of hidden crazy. The final soft touch is my gorgeous furry hood!!! I AM SO PROUD of this hood!


However, the furry hood meant that I couldn’t use the hidden pocket that’s usually in the collar as it was just too bulky now. Frustratingly, I didn’t realise this until I had made the collar complete with zip. I realised I had to unpick it all… (unpicking take 1). So then I thought, ‘I don’t need the collar’!  Turns out you do, or at least I think you do, or the  neckline is too low…. So more unpicking…..(unpicking take 2) and I added the collar in again. Although annoyingly I didn’t have enough fabric to cut the collar out again and it currently had a zip through it…. therefore I had to make the collar half the height.  Actually I like this alteration as it raises the neckline a bit but I don’t have the huge collar getting in the way of the hood – I ended up putting the collar inside the hood.

Once the hood and collar debacle was sorted (that took a full week…there was a LOT of unpicking) the rest of the jacket came together quite easily. Although, it did break 4 needles on the way… This fabric is THICK. Tashia suggests medium or lightweight fabric and I can see why! In my infinite wisdom I chose heavyweight fabric and thick brushed cotton for lining – that’s a lot of layers! At some points my machine struggled, needles broke… and that’s when my impatience got the better of me and I just started putting in thinner and thinner needles in as I ran out – as you might have guessed they broke quicker and quicker!

I finally got to finishing it though (just in time for spring)! And I’m really happy with the result. The topstitching is pretty perfect if I do say so myself, and the shape of it is perfect! The elastic round the waist gives a perfect shape. I even put in some side seam pockets, I did originally forget about these so I had to unpick the seams (unpicking take 3) again to put them in. But it was worth it, as soon as I put it on it was my first instinct to put my hands in the pockets. I was planning to add some big pockets on the front, but i ran out of fabric. I’m not really that upset, i actually really like the clean lines without them.

So, first coat making experience? Not too bad! I kinda have another couple of jackets planned… Oops?


  1. Olalaaa! Thas is sooo cool! I really like the collor, but I can totally undestand that you got upset about not getting the collor you originally ordered. whit that said, I really like brown, and the jacket suits you;) Oh, how I wish to make me a jacket….
    Great job!

  2. Oh wow Katy, this is absolutely gorgeous, the nicest Minoru I’ve ever seen! Love the lining, the shape of it, but most of all, the fur trimmed hood! It’s ace! x

  3. Good job!! LOVE the lining too:) I am planning a Purple twill jacket with green and white chevron lining ;)
    I’m so scared to start a jacket haha oh dear. Get on with it you recon ? :)

    • Yeah, just give it a go! Turns out they’re not too tricky (if you dont unpick the whole thing like me ;) glad you like the lining!

  4. love it! (but i’m not sorry the weather has improved at all!).

  5. Love the fur trim! I’ve only got a huge wool coat or a really thin trench coat so this looks like a good transition piece! Sun’s gone in again today so you should get a bit more wear out of it ;)

  6. Wow! Your coat is amazing! I LOVE the furry collar, it looks so cozy.

  7. This is amazing! I love the simple lines and it’s a great colour! x

  8. Fab! This looks so cosy. I love it! Good for you for persevering. I’m sure I would have just given up!

  9. Katy, this is wonderful! I love the fur on the collar. The colour really suits you even if it isn’t what you originally hoped for. You will definitely stay warm in any more freakish weather we get.

  10. This is an absolutely GORGEOUS version. Brilliantly well done! I ordered this pattern in the last Sewaholic sale, and I’ll be excited to get round to sewing it up – it’s such a flattering shape as well.

  11. Wow, Katy this is amazing. I love the fur trim. What a star. Also great photos, posing trip with the hubby?

  12. I love that Minoru! The furry hood is genius, worth all that unpicking and stuff. Its been on my list for ages!

  13. You did a great job! I made this coat a few months ago (I plan to write up and post the blog this week I hope) and I love it, I already have ideas for another one. My husband loves it too, telling me how I should a bunch more! I never thought of adding the fur – that’s fantastic! When I made mine I used canvas, it wasn’t too heavy. Try heavy duty needles next time if you’re going to make it that heavyweight. Unpicking sucks, but remember it’s worth it in the end, to have a great product. Btw, I’m not fond of the pockets on the side seam, I feel they are too far back or something. I may do them differently next time, or not, who knows LOL … either way GREAT JOB :)

  14. I think this is great and love the idea of the fur hood. I have had the fabric and pattern for this for ages – I just haven’t got round to it yet. Seeing yours has given me a little reminder though, and I am trying to work my way through patterns and fabric that I have instead of buying more!

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  16. Good job with that hood. I followed a link here from That’s Sew Amy (thank her).



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