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After the success of my last jacket I thought I’d make another jacket, but this time a lighter jacket ready for spring. I’m on a jacket-making roll! It all started with this picture:

Floral jacket - burda asymmetric jacket?

I’ve recently stumbled across this blog and like a lot of what I see. Mainly this jacket! I love the floral meets tougher asymmetric silhouette, especially with that dark piping on the seams. LOVE IT! Also, florals = spring, it’s a no brainer. I pinned it straight away!

I’ve also found a few RTW jackets along similar lines from Ted Baker: (Click the photos for links)

But obviously, I’m not going to BUY a jacket. I’m a sewist, doncha know? And I recently found the most perfect pattern for this (click the photo for the link):

I actually bought this pattern ages ago from Burdastyle and was planning to sew it up exactly as it’s styled in this pic. Not very inventive I know, but why fix something that aint broke? But then I made my Lola dress with the fabric instead, oops!

It’s very like this jacket, also from Ted Baker:

But I already have an AWESOME leather jacket (RTW), and don’t need another one. So floral it is!  I’ve already snapped up my fabric and it’s arrived. It’s on sale at if you feel so inclined:

I’ve gone with a black background mainly as I couldn’t find anything with a lighter background that I liked! I chose it as I liked the warm colours and that it’s not too ‘bitty’, sometimes I feel floral fabric can be too detailed and it’s the worse for it but this fabric has a slightly blurred/graphic quality to it. Now it’s arrived I’m not 100% sure about it, but hopefully with some thoughtful pattern placement it’ll be da bomb!

Anyone else thinking of sewing up a spring jacket?



  1. Katy! You`re killing me!!!!
    First of all, I have to say that you`re blog is my FAVOURIT blog! No kidding! And I love that you give me so much inspiration!
    I bought the Lola pattern, and ordered the fabric. But my heart just had a turning for this Burda jacket pattern, and the one on the top there.
    Now I just realized I need a new jacket…. This is going to be sooo exiting! Cant wait to see what you make of it! Buy the way, I just had to follow you on Pinterest! I have a profile there to, in case you were wondering ;)

    • wow, that’s such an amazing compliment! Thank you! You must make the Lola, it will look fabulous on you, but so will a jacket – you’ll just have to make both! haha. Thanks for following me on Pintrest, I’ve been a bit slow to get into it and get pinning! I’m already following you tho :)

      • well, I have been pinning like a crazy person, trying to organize things. But the world (wide web) is full of so many amazing things, that it is a neverending pin-adventure! ;D

  2. Ooo – I’m loving this idea! I have a feeling this jacket is going to be epic! Can’t wait to see the end result :)

  3. Your post of these jackets reminded of a sew a long that Sew Maris was hosting for the Style Arc Ziggi Biker Jacket:

    With pattern alterations, a similar style of biker jacket with peplum could be generated.

    • Ooh, just checked the jacket out and I do love it. I’ve got my heart stuck on this jacket for the time being so I may have to make that one in the future. Such a long to-do list!

  4. Ohhhh how I love Ted Baker, man if I had like thousands of dollars and was a size 8 I would buy all the things!
    Loving the floral jackets ;) just getting ready to cut a floral silk rigel bomber ;)

  5. Wow, that second jacket from Ted Baker is to die for! I can totally see why you would want to make a floral biker jacket, I have something similar on my bucketlist for ages! Looking forward to seeing the final result!

  6. Wow, I’m pretty much in awe, this is so fabulous! Great jacket that I’m sure you will wear alot.

  7. I thought you didn’t do florals? Lol! This looks really cool. I can’t wait to see your version!

  8. I have that BurdaStyle jacket on my wishlist! Love it!

  9. Wow!!! Like the print and I am so excited to see the finish product. Good that you know how to sew. This skill is what I want to learn because you got to sew anything you want.

  10. I am so excited to see your jacket. It is going to be amazing. Roll over Ted Baker! :-)

  11. Hi Kate!
    How are you doing on the jacket? I have been thinking of it for several days now, that is how exited I am! Cant wait to se it:D
    Maybee a sneeke peak? :p

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