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Recre-Kate: The Floral Asymmetric Jacket!


Sorry for not having posted for a couple of weeks – things got CRAZY round here! I moved flat….AGAIN, I’ve been battling with a uni assignment, and finishing at my current work placement, ahhh! BUT, I have also found time to sew! And the first thing on my list was my floral jacket! Whaddya think?

I gotta say I’m pretty chuffed that I made this jacket! But I am in two minds… I mean, it’s a STATEMENT! I feel so odd about it – I totally love it, but I’m scared to wear it! It’s all down to my fabric choice, I’m so unsure about it for so many reasons! Firstly the colours, which I liked to begin with, don’t feel very modern now. It feels quite old.  I guess it just doesn’t feel as stylish as the inspiration jacket?

imageThe pattern calls for a ponte knit fabric. Instead I bought a stretch cotton stateen – which I now think might be my favourite fabric! It’s like the best of both worlds – easy sewing with the cotton, and wonderful forgiving stretch. Amazing.

Due to the nature of the collar of this jacket, the fabric is viewed from both sides. So I lined the jacket in the same fabric. It worked a charm :)

imageAnnoyingly though, as lovely as this fabric was to work with, I just feel that it just looks a bit cheap and tacky. The print  was so tricky to work with! It has such an obvious repeat and even with thoughtful pattern placement it was hard to escape. It’s particularly obvious on the back, oops!

imageAll that being said, I also think this jacket freakin’ rocks!! It’s like I have a dual personality when I think about it!? Let’s talk about all it’s awesome aspects.

I added loads of fake leather accents! I love them, but my husband is less than enamoured with them. But then, when  have I ever listen to him? haha. I used leather bias binding on all the edges, on the collar and around the zip. I also added a fake leather strip on the sleeve,  I think it adds a bit of a tougher edge – I love how that sits next to the flowers. Hard and soft all in one :)  I’m getting so much use out of that one meter of leather I bought! haha.

imageThere’s actually a lot of hand sewing in this jacket. Maybe that’s why I love it in spite of the fabric – I am proud of the construction. I sewed all the bias binding on by hand, and hand picked the zip too. That gave me a great opportunity to catch up on The Great British Sewing Bee! Are you guys watching it?

imageI really love the shape of this jacket . It’s awesome zipped up, but what do you think of it unzipped? I don’t love it as much unzipped, but it’s definitely striking! The collar takes on a life of it’s own, it’s soo big!

imageSo, I’m completely confused by this jacket. At the moment I am 100% planning to make another version cos the shape rocks! But I want a version that I can wear more regularly – this jacket is definitely a ‘special occasion’ jacket.  I’m kinda thinking about a Chanel style fabric?? With leather trim…. obviously. What can I say? I’m obsessed!



  1. Gorgeous! You look badass

  2. In my world this is an every day make. With black slacks, it’s be grand.

  3. This is stunning! Wear it!

  4. i really like it – you should definitely wear it! i think it’s just as stylish as your inspiration jacket!

  5. This is great, Katy! I don’t think it looks cheap at all, and never listen to husbands when it comes to sartorial advice. They know nothing.

    i do think it looks better zipped up. I always think asymmetrical looks odd unzips, because the bigger side flaps around a bit. it puts me off asymmetrical jackets unfortunately. But that’s just me! If you are comfortable wearing it open, then do it!

    • they really don’t do they? i know what you mean about asymmetrical jackets being odd unzipped. maybe i should make it my mission to improve how it drapes!

  6. This jacket TOTALLY works – it is FABULOUS!!! And damn straight you should be proud of the construction, sounds like there was a lot of work involved. And I honestly think the fabric is perfect – wear it as much as possible I say!

  7. I think the difference between the 2 jackets is the black background. With my eye it tends to make it look winter like. The inspiration jacket was so summery.

    What does it look like with white or cream jeans? How about a little dress in one of the flower colors? Adding a lighter color or a more summery look.

    I think it is a lovely jacket.

    • I think you’re right. I did want a more summery fabric, but I just couldn’t find anything I liked on a lighter background. I think that’s what’s causing the jarring colours. I haven’t tried it with anything white yet – maybe I’ll give that a go. Thank you for the idea :)

  8. I am going to copy your idea! This is the pattern I am going to use because I have it.

    I like this pattern with no collar.

    Stash fabric only! We shall see how it turns out. Elaine’s

  9. Kate I think this is amazing. The fabric does not look cheap at all, and I can’t see any issue with the pattern repeat – it certainly doesn’t stand out in the pics. I agree it’s better closed up too, but with jeans or black skinnies to toughen it up I think it’s a great piece. And it looks beautifully made from your pics. Have a fashion parade in your bedroom (that’s what I do when I make new stuff haha) to try some different styling. I really hope you get some wear out of it.

    • Oh so good to know the repeat isn’t too obvious and the fabric looks ok! I’m really starting to feel much better about it! Thank you :) I will indeed do a fashion parade, annoyingly I don’t have any black skinnies at the moment – and I was planning to wear them together. I’ll just have to get some more! (buying, I’m still way to scared to MAKE any skinnies! )

  10. This looks great – floral edgeyness! I agree with Elaine that you could try it with a lighter color underneath to make it more summery. I love it with the black though too.

    • Thank you! I tried it with a white top this morning, and it looked pretty awsome! Thank you for your advice. I also just got a yellow bag and it really made the yellow in the pattern pop!

  11. I think it is stunningly gorgeous! It rocks!!! You should proudly wear that jacket.

  12. Mate it’s gorgeous! I love it zipped up, but I know what you mean about the boldness of it, I feel the same about my rival print:)
    You should totally make a full leather one :O oh my gosh, white or black leather would be so awesome!

    • Thanks dude! I think it’s just the boldness that throws me off – I’m not used to it! Your bomber is to die for! Leather would be truly awesome!

  13. That jacket ROCKS! I love the floral print and you’ve styled it perfectly. Cotton sateen is my Favourite fabric evah!!! I use it for anything I can. You’re jacket is different to your inspiration but none the poorer for it. Light coloured jackets are nice but I think yours will co ordinate with more and be more wearable!

    • Aw thanks chick. Hopefully it’ll be more wearble! Stretch cotton sateen is AMAZING! Seriously, I agree – all clothes should be made in this fabric! Glad you share my love!

  14. Katy, this is one amazing jacket! I love all of the leather accents, especially the additions to the sleeves. I agree with many of the others – it does look best when zipped up but it still looks fab open. I hope you find a way to style it so you get lots of wear out of it.

    • Thanks! I am so into leather accents atm, I don’t know what’s wrong with me! haha. I’m going to go on a styling mission tonight!

  15. This is a lovely jacket – well done. I think it would look great worn with white skinny jeans.

  16. It’s wonderful. I have a question. On the Burda version the ‘wrong side’ of the collar shows when its unzipped. Did you do a second facing collar to avoid this or are we looking at the ‘wrong side’ when you’re wearing the collar wide open. Happily, it’s impossible to tell from your photos but it might be an issue with the fabric I’m using.

    • That was a problem with my fabric too as the wrong side looks very different. To get around it I just lined the whole jacket, including the collar. So i effectively made a two jackets and attached them together, wrong sides facing – The side pattern pieces are a bit different though so I had to be careful to make sure that the lining was a mirror copy (with the left side on the right side) if that makes sense? Perhaps I should add an inside shot to make it clearer :)

      • Brilliant, thanks so much. Your hard work really paid off, it’s a stellar and inspiring piece and not at all over the top. Have a great time wearing it year round.

  17. The jacket is lovely. I totally understand what you mean about being scared to wear it but it looks great. It has a whole lot of character and people will probably watch you and be like ” Look at her! Awesome” Congrats on a job well done!

  18. Love this tough jacket in a floral and your vivid floral is perfect!

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  20. I think this is edgy and fabulous. Love the faux-leather details. And it looks great on you!

  21. OMG!!! You look amazing! I super duper love your jacket. Love the print and the cut. Its def a very trendy piece. Great choice!

  22. I hope you will wear it lots- it’s awesome!

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  24. WOW!

    i just found you via bloglovin’s suggestion, and i’m so glad they brought me to these colorful parts!

    (also, 18 + 17= hard)

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  27. Oh wow! I have been perusing your various makes & perfect insight through your me made may wardrobe!! ANd just had to leave a hello comment & wow comment on this awesome jacket – it’s fab!!
    And lovely to meet you the other evening too :-)

  28. This jacket rocks! I’d wear it every day.

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